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Deluxe Remote Shopping Cart

This service is ideal for web sites that have a large number of items for sale, or items that are featured on different pages throughout your web site. This service differs from the Basic Order Form Service in that all your product information and the familiar add-to-cart buttons exist within your current web site, no matter where it is hosted.

Simply paste the HTML we provide (try it) into your current web site to create that familiar add-to-cart button near the product/service you are selling. As your customer shops, information is sent invisibly to your page-secure.com account. When a customer checks out, they transported automatically to your secure payment form on page-secure.com, complete with all their purchases added up, shipping weights and prices added, even taxed for your state if you choose.


When you order the Page-Secure.com Deluxe Service:

1. After you place your order, we will send you a short questionnaire by e-mail to assist us in gathering information about your web business. (shipping cost info, state sales tax, store name...)
2. We then visit your web site and create your page-secure.com "Page Template" by using your background graphics, logos, colors etc. This Page Template is only accessed when someone views their shopping cart contents from your web site, and/or proceeds to "Check Out" to finalize their order. This way all the pages generated by the shopping cart program look just like your web site.
3. We also provide you with a customized "Private Page" which includes links to the Secure Order Viewer, Store Manager (if chosen) as well as links to your own custom help files and directions with examples of the different HTML you can paste into your site to further customize your Remote Shopping Cart.
4. If you do not have experience with HTML, you can choose to have us edit your web site for you to equip your web site with e-commerce.
5. If you have a large number of items, or are inexperienced with HTML, you can also choose the optional Database with Store Manager (details below). This allows you to upload photos, Prices, Item Weights, Item Descriptions...right through a web form on your browser -Vs editing your individual web pages. The Database and Store Manager reside on Page-Secure.com, you then simply edit your web site (or we can) to link to your items and catagories with the HTML that we provide.

How the Page-Secure Deluxe Remote Shopping Cart Service Works
Once we set up your account, you simply paste the HTML we provide into your current web site. If you would rather we edit your web site for you, you also have this option. If you have a little HTML experience, this should be easy for you. Below is an example of the HTML you paste into your web site which will create the add-to-cart buttons anywhere within your web site, wherever you want them, and as many as you want!.

Pasting This HTML Form Code
<form method=POST action="http://www.page-secure.com/cgi-bin/shop/cart.pl">
Twonkulator 5000 - new for 2005! - Only $49.95<br>
<input type=HIDDEN name=merchant value="examplestore">
<input type=HIDDEN name=name value="Twonkulator 5000">
<input type=HIDDEN name=price value="49.95">
<input type=HIDDEN name=sh value="1">
<input type=HIDDEN name=return value="http://www.page-secure.com/examples.html">
<input type=HIDDEN name=custom1 value="This is a description field,
which allows you to fully describe the Twonkulator 5000.">
<br><input type=SUBMIT name="add" value="Add To Cart">

Makes this...
Twonkulator 5000 - new for 2005! - Only $49.95

You can also use html that will create drop down windows for color or size choices or various pricing options. You can use radio buttons, checkboxes, text fields for customer input, even a search box if you choose the Database/Store Manager option!

How It Works...
Once someone shops in your web site, several things occur:

1. Item information such as price, description, weight are sent invisibly to your page-secure.com account when "add to cart" is clicked. The Customer then sees their cart contents, and can change quantity, and can choose to continue shopping at your web site or simply proceed to secure check out. If they continue shopping, any additional items are added to the total.
2. When your customer is finished shopping at your web site, they click a button to proceed to the secure payment page and only then are they automatically transported to a secure payment page on page-secure.com. This page will contain all they've ordered, plus shipping costs, and tax if you wish. They then provide their credit card information.
3. Afterwards, your customer receives your custom Thank you e-mail message, with their order details (minus any credit data of course).
4. You receive an "Order Notification" from Page-Secure.com, prompting you to check the Secure Order Viewer.
5. You log in to the "Secure Order Viewer" with your page-secure.com username and password and view and print your order. You then you process your order through your merchant services company as you would any other credit card order (e.g., key in, call in). Click here to view the "Secure Order Viewer".

Optional Database/Browser Based Store Manager

The Remote Shopping Cart service also has an optional database and store manager for larger web stores.
All manageable through your web browser!
Click on the images below for screenshots of your private page and optional store manager pages.

Live Example - Store Manager - We have made available an example store manager. Here you will be able to add a store item and picture to see how easy it is to manage your online store.
Click Here (new browser window will open)
Click on "Your Store Manager"

What we recommend:
If you have many products or services for sale, and/or featured on different pages throughout your web site, the Deluxe Remote Shopping Cart Service is probably for you. You might also consider adding the Database with Store Manager if you have a large number of items for sale or are inexperienced with HTML. This allows you to add your items, photos, descriptions...to your store through your web browser. Then you just create links to your item and database categories within your web site.

Click Here to order Remote Shopping Cart Services

Still unsure? Click here to view our Basic Secure Web Form Services.

Note: Page-Secure.com Deluxe Remote Shopping Cart Service simply provides your customer with a secure environment to provide you with sensitive data such as credit card information. Once you retrieve this data, you still must manually process the order with your credit card merchant services company.
Page-Secure.com can offer "Real Time" credit card processing depending on who your merchant services company is. If you need this type of service, please inquire.


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